TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan

Although your health benefits offer the high-quality coverage that you deserve, TRICARE leaves you responsible for some out-of-pocket costs. Costs that can really add up if you or a loved one suffer a serious or chronic medical problem. An MBA TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan can help protect you by covering many of those costs.

It’s another benefit of becoming a MBA member – with no annual fee.

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Take a minute to discover how the TRICARE Supplement could benefit you and your family.

Who Is Eligible To Enroll?

To be eligible, persons must be under age 65 on their coverage effective date and authorized to enroll in or use TRICARE for medical care coverage. Unmarried dependent children from birth to age 21, or 23 if a full-time student, are also eligible. A child who is covered by the TRICARE Young Adult Program and is under age 26 may also enroll.

What would be Covered?

The Supplement Plan pays eligible out-of-pocket expenses, after any applicable deductible, as follows:

  • 100% of co-pays and Cost-shares for TRICARE (Select, Prime, Reserve Select)
  • 100% of covered Excess Charges above the TRICARE Select Allowable Amount
  • 100% of the TRICARE (Select) outpatient deductible, if elected
  • 100% of Cost-shares and covered Excess Charges for Prime Point of Service
  • 100% of the daily subsistence fee the insured must pay in a government facility
  • The daily inpatient charges from the first day.

For TRICARE Select Supplement, rates start at $7.46 for members under age 46 who select the $500 deductible option. Click here to learn more about all the options available to you.

All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Policies underwritten by the underwriting companies listed below detail exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policies may be continued in force or discontinued.

Policies are underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, Home Office Hartford, CT, and Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company, Home Office Windsor, CT, (formerly known as Hartford Life Insurance Company). Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company acts as the administrator for Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company. The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company.

TRICARE Form Series includes SRP-1269, or state equivalent.

TRICARE Supplement may not be available in all states.

Notice Of Privacy Practices – August, 2019

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