Having served honorably and made tremendous sacrifices, you deserve more than just our thanks. Well, MBA is proud to provide a range of benefits — including the opportunity to purchase high-quality term life insurance for less than what you may be paying for VGLI coverage.

Whether you are underinsured and would like to supplement your VGLI, or are looking for a less-costly way to ensure your family’s financial security, take a minute to learn what MBA offers. We have MBA Level Term Life Insurance, MBA Term 90 Plus Life Insurance and MBA Decreasing Group Term Life Monthly Income Plan — affordable plans designed exclusively for those who serve or have served our country.

If you have a spouse, you may want to think about how much they contribute to your household and how you would get by if they weren’t around. Then, consider covering them because they too are eligible. You may also want to consider MBA NexGen Dependent Term Life Insurance, which provides affordable coverage for your kids under age 21.

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