Level Term Life Insurance

MBA Level Term life insurance offers affordable protection to active duty and retired service members, veterans, National Guard members and Reservists as well as Federal Civilian Employees and their spouses. So whether you want to add to your SGLI or are looking for an affordable alternative to VGLI, MBA Level Term life insurance may be right for you.

  • Rates remain the same for the level premium period of your plan
  • If you’re under 55, you can lock in rates for 20 years at a time
  • If you’re under 65, you can lock in rates for 10 years at a time
  • Affordable alternative to VGLI
  • Coverage up to $600,000
  • Coverage available up to age 75
  • Coverage available to non-military spouses
  • Eligible children may be covered for up to $12,500 at no additional cost*
  • Insurance options may be available to you when you enter civilian life

Plus, since MBA Level Term life insurance was designed specifically for service members and their families, there is no war clause, and no limitation on aviation-related deaths and an accelerated benefits option for access to funds if you are terminally ill.** MBA Level Term life insurance is underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, one of the nation’s top insurance companies.

Please take a minute to compare MBA Level Term to others. Then, talk to an MBA Insurance Specialist to learn how to financially help protect your family.

*Members must elect at least $100,000 of coverage.

**The Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) is subject to state regulation and generally receives favorable federal income tax treatment. You are advised to consult with an independent tax advisor about your own circumstances. You are advised to consult with a legal advisor concerning the effect that receipt of ABO benefits will have on other benefits such as benefits from public assistance programs.

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Level Term Standard Non-Tobacco Monthly Premium*

$150,000 Benefit Amount $250,000 Benefit Amount
Age 10 year 20 year 10 year 20 year
25 $11.19 $12.21 $17.35 $18.95
30 $11.31 $14.58 $17.55 $22.60
35 $12.24 $17.82 $18.95 $27.65
40 $15.75 $29.73 $24.40 $46.10
45 $25.02 $49.14 $38.80 $76.15
50 $42.60 $74.16 $66.05 $114.95
55 $64.74 N/A $100.35 N/A
60 $100.92 N/A $156.45 N/A

* Premium amounts shown are age-specific and for male, standard rate, non-tobacco users. Insured members qualify for non-tobacco discount if they have not used tobacco products during the past 12 months. For other ages, female or tobacco user rates, contact MBA.  At the end of the 10 or 20 year level premium period you have the option to renew or continue your coverage depending on your age at an increased premium and subject to insurability.  Coverage ends no later than age 75.

Rates may be changed on the entire group plan or on a class basis and on any premium due date on which benefits are changed. A class is a group of people defined in the group policy / policy exhibits.   Benefits are subject to change upon agreement between Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and Military Benefit Association.

Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife or your plan administrator for complete details.

149107-1-G Policy Form Number issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY

All life insurance plans are issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company except for the TRICARE Supplement Plan which is issued by the Hartford Life Insurance Company.

L0817498172[exp0818][All States][DC,GU,MP,PR,VI]

Speak to an agent: 1 877-622-1020 Existing members call: 1 800-336-0100