Legal help for MBA members, ready when you need it

Did you know that 50% of working adults experience a legal issue over the course of a year?1 For former and current military members, as well as federal employees, the need for legal assistance may be greater than you think — for traffic violations, home closings, marriage agreements, document reviews and much more. That’s why…... Learn more

Handling one of the toughest separations.

Divorce can be complicated and time-consuming, to say nothing of the emotional and financial toll it can bring. But there are steps you can take to help you feel more in control and even work to a resolution — all before you even bring in lawyers. Read about it now. Divorce can be a lengthy…... Learn more

Do we hear bells? Now read this.

One of life’s greatest occasions calls for some of your most important decisions: how to handle your finances from this day forth. Should you merge them or keep them separate? Have you set mutual financial goals? And what about insurance? These are just some of things to consider after you say, “I do.”   Getting…... Learn more

Chances are, someone you love will need long-term care. Chances are you’re not ready.

You’ve been trained to be ready for almost anything — but this? Statistics show that 7 in 10 of us will require long-term care. Forget the physical and medical challenges for a moment. How will you be able to afford this care? Our informative video will give you important insights. Learn more

Reasons to feel good about your MBA membership.

You and your family face plenty of financial challenges. MBA can help in five important areas, starting right now and continuing through your retirement. Savings, planning, loans, insurance, dealing with major life events — whatever it is — we have your back. And we’re proud to be there for you.   LEARN MORE    …... Learn more

One of the most popular ways to save for college.

With 529 plans, you can put money aside for college and get tax advantages as you do. You can do it through a savings plan or a pre-paid tuition plan. Learn more about each plan’s details and discover which may be best for you. Either way you go, you’ll be putting money toward a great…... Learn more

College expenses are rising but you can bring them down.

It’s no surprise that paying for college education poses a major challenge for many parents. But what may surprise you is that there are a number of ways to make it less burdensome. Learn what may work best for you and make the dream of college come true. Even with all of your savvy college…... Learn more

Want to see how you can pay for college? Just watch.

It's more than putting money aside, it’s making a plan and learning how to stick with it. This four-minute video covers everything from college costs today to what they’re projected to be to the building blocks that go into funding a college education. Learn more

Are IRAs allowed in the military?

Even though you’re not a civilian (at least full time), you can still get the savings benefits civilians enjoy. You can open an individual retirement account (IRA) — either a traditional plan or a Roth. Read about each plan’s details and the tax advantages they offer. LEARN MORE    ... Learn more
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